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Sobel Legal believes in protecting the injured right from the beginning & with every step we take.

At Sobel Legal, we have a philosophy that is built into and becomes a part of everything we do on behalf of our injured clients.

One – “Ready, Set, Trial!” From day one, we evaluate your case and start preparing it as though it may need to go to trial. While the number of cases that need to be tried is less than 10%, if your case is one that needs to be tried, you will appreciate the efforts we make at the beginning. We also believe that our approach maximizes the amount we can resolve your case for in settlement. You should know, that if your case is serious and the insurance company is unwilling to settle it for what it is reasonably worth, we will take it to trial. We don’t just settle cases, and we don’t refer them to trial attorneys. Ours is a trial practice – there will be no referral necessary.

Two – Your case is unique! Your case is like your fingerprint. It may follow a general timeline, but you and your case are unique. The only way for us to fully represent you is to get to know you. The value of a case is not pre-determined by a schedule which lists the injuries on the left and their value on the right. We need to understand the full extent of your injuries and how they have impacted your daily life now and in the future. For example, if you broke your pinky finger, your damages may be minimal if you drive a golf cart all day, but it is quite a different story if you are a concert pianist. Your case is unique. The legal service you receive should be as well.

Ken Sobel discusses the law firm’s philosophy of serving the people of Florida in medical malpractice and personal injury lawsuits.

Three – Does your attorney know where the courthouse is?  The value of a case is determined, in part, by how vigorous you and your attorney are in pursuing it. Some attorneys only settle cases and never file suit. Others refer cases to trial attorneys once they can’t be settled. The value of a case is simply how much an insurance adjuster or a jury will place on the case. At Sobel Legal, we believe that cases resolve in settlement for higher values when the insurance company adjuster knows that, if need be, the attorney will file suit and take the case to trial. Settlements are achieved by taking a strong position; and at Sobel Legal, your case is prepared from the beginning as though it may need to be tried.

Four – Not all cases should be tried!  This may sound like a contradiction to Number Three, above, but it is not. Trials are “consuming.”  They consume time, money and take an emotional toll on you, your family and friends. At Sobel Legal, we work with our clients to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of every case and advise our clients when they should settle and whether they should take a case to trial. We work for our clients, but that includes giving our clients the benefit of our advice. Often, Sobel Legal recommends that cases go to trial and the clients choose to settle. This is an understandable decision, but it is a decision that can only be made by you after you have been educated by an attorney who has the experience to make this analysis. Kenneth J. Sobel, Esq. has been practicing for more than thirty five years, assisting clients with these decisions on a regular basis.

Five – We are partners, and we need to talk. Most people live a lifetime without ever having a legal claim. Hiring an attorney is an important decision and communicating with that attorney is even more important. That is why every client gets Ken Sobel’s cell phone number. Most clients respect the boundaries of personal versus business hours, but it’s good to know that when something urgent occurs, you have Ken’s cell number in your pocket. When you call Sobel Legal, your call will be answered by a person; and if you need to speak with Ken, you will, either immediately or very shortly thereafter.

Six – If you’re not really hurt, don’t call us.  We are not a legal mill that takes all-comers.  We offer individualized attention in a non-cookie cutter approach to resolving monetary claims for the loss of income, the expense of medical care and a just approximation of the money value of losing the ability to enjoy life. After practicing for more than thirty five years, Kenneth J. Sobel, Esq. is not interested in taking just any case. Only the truly injured should call. We accept cases even when the injuries are small, but there must truly be an injury, or we will politely decline your representation. This helps us maintain our credibility in a profession which is increasingly viewed with a strong dose of skepticism. For our clients who are injured, however, our philosophy assists in getting our cases resolved with insurance adjusters who appreciate that Sobel Legal only accepts cases that have merit.

Our Approach

When you hire Sobel Legal for your personal injury case, we utilize our skills in gathering the evidence needed to prove all three important aspects of your case. We search for and, where available, obtain witnesses, videotapes, physical evidence, prior medical records and financial data that we can use to present your case in the best possible light to an insurance company or jury. At Sobel Legal, every case is prepared from the beginning as though it is going to trial; unlike attorneys who need to refer cases to trial attorneys, if we are unsuccessful in settling your case for a reasonable value, your case will be brought to trial and the people you have worked with at Sobel Legal from the beginning of your case and who have come to know you, will continue to help you until we obtain a settlement for you or have presented your case to a jury. Although you are a victim of negligence and truly deserve to be compensated, legal action may not always be in your best interest. We will assist you in making a determination that is best for you, but that cannot happen until you call us to evaluate your case. Every case gets evaluated by Kenneth J. Sobel, Esq. who has more than 30 years of experience in representing personal injury victims. The consultation is free; and if you decide that you want Sobel Legal to partner with you in presenting your case, you will not pay a fee or reimburse Sobel Legal for any costs unless we make a recovery. If you are truly hurt and are looking for a legal “partner,” we would welcome your call at Sobel Legal 954-526-7007.

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