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Our Goal: At Sobel Legal, we strive to obtain the greatest recovery possible in the shortest amount of time, while making you feel comfortable.

We value our clients and treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy.  While that is important, our clients have come to us so that we can get them a fair recovery as quickly as possible.  The key is finding the proper balance between the amount obtained and the amount of time it will take to get it.  Obviously, you don’t need an attorney to receive $5,000.00 for damages that are worth $100,000.00.  In such a case, if you ask for $5,000.00, the insurance company will probably pay it quickly and gladly.

But, if your case is worth $100,000.000 and you insist on getting that amount, then you may have to wait a lot longer to be paid; and you may even be forced to go to trial.  The insurance companies know that if they play hardball, the longer they make you wait, the more likely it will be that you will accept something less than what you deserve.  One of the factors that insurance companies evaluate when deciding how hard they want to negotiate, is whether they can expect a hard, expensive fight or whether they can push you around.


After representing injury victims for over thirty (30) years, we at Sobel Legal are taken very seriously by most all of the insurance carriers.  They know that we have a reputation for pushing our cases very hard; and when a reasonable settlement is not offered, they know we will file a lawsuit and spend what it takes to get our clients a fair recovery.  Unlike some attorneys who just settle cases, if the insurance company does not offer a fair value for your case, we will take it to trial.

We don’t encourage our clients to make “pie in the sky” demands.  Those usually don’t work.  Instead, we use our experience to accurately evaluate the reasonable settlement range of your damages.  Overestimating a claim makes it take longer to resolve.  Whether you want to wait for an offer or a jury verdict in the higher range of your claim’s true value is up to you- our client, and we help you make that decision by educating you on what your case is really worth.  Experience and research is our guide.

We have found that if we start preparing your case for trial as soon as you ask us to represent you, we enhance the value of your case and strengthen our negotiating position.  This helps us to get your case concluded as soon as practical.  Our goal is to resolve your claim in such a way that you would recommend us to those you know, saying that at Sobel Legal, they fight for what is right and they don’t delay.

Our Team - Our Caring Process

How We Work Together

Sobel Legal functions as a team, with each member filling specialized but overlapping roles.  We deliver personal attention to our clients and are always available for consultations.


It is our desire that our clients understand the process we follow in pursuing a recovery for their personal injuries, and our team accomplishes that with caring and diligence.

Sobel Legal is led by its founder, Kenneth J. Sobel, who has been assisting the victims of automobile collisions, slip and fall injuries, defective products and medical malpractice since 1985.  In 2019, Ken expanded his team with Rachael Flanagan, Esq, and Hagan Huber, Esq. Rachel and Hagan are primarily responsible for making sure that potential clients are able to completely tell their story about their injuries and understand the legal process they are about to engage in.  Hagan and Rachael assists in filling out the necessary papers that need to be executed at the beginning of a case and working to set-up the claim with the responsible insurance carriers. Rachel, Hagan, and Ken regularly review each case at Sobel Legal, making sure the case is being efficiently administered and the client’s needs are being exceeded.  This includes making sure that all records and bills are available, that our client receives all of the benefits that they are entitled to, and that a demand goes out when the past and future damages are capable of being determined.

If a case cannot be resolved before a lawsuit is filed, Aaron and Ken discuss the options and if the case is worthy of the enormous cost and time involved in resolving the case in the court system, a lawsuit is prepared and the file then comes under the exclusive attention of Ken and his legal assistant/paralegal, Susan Congdon. Susan began working with Ken at Greenspoon Marder LLP. in 2007 and Ken is very fortunate to have Susan at Sobel Legal.  Susan assists Ken in preparing discovery, which are questions and requests for documents which each side sends one-another after a lawsuit is prepared.  Susan works closely with our clients in making sure they understand what is being asked of them so that they can respond completely to the discovery requests.  She makes sure that the defendants respond to our discovery requests and when necessary, under Ken’s supervision, prepares motions, to make sure the defendants provide the information that is needed to prepare the case for trial.
Ken Sobel

Ken Sobel


Rachael Flanagan

Rachael Flanagan


Hagan Huber

Hagan Huber


Susan Congdon

Susan Congdon

Legal Assistant/Paralegal

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