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The Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice law firm of Sobel Legal has instituted a firm-wide policy of setting aside, at minimum, an hour and 45 minutes per day, per employee for the purpose of sewing face masks that will be donated to hospice aides and nurses. Managing Director, Ken Sobel, has purchased sewing machines, fabric and supplies for his employees, making sure that each employee is equipped to produce high quality face masks for those hospice employees who are finding it difficult to find disposable N-95 face masks. “We are in a very unusual period of time where physical isolation has dramatically curtailed most human activity; and with that, we are not receiving the usual number of new case calls,” said Sobel. “The machinery of the civil legal system has slowed down, so we saw an opportunity to change our helping mission.”

Only one of Sobel Legal’s employees had a sewing machine, and it hasn’t been used for many years. “So,” said Sobel, “we turned to our former client, Debbie Pennington, who has received Nurse of the Year recognition from Vitas Healthcare and whose passion is sewing. “Ken came to me with the idea of making masks; and coincidentally, my sewing group was already switching gears into mask production,” said Pennington. Three of Sobel Legal’s employees have absolutely no experience with sewing machines, but they are eager to get going, including Sobel. “I have a wood shop in my garage, so I like using machinery. With our healthcare providers clamoring for face masks, converting from a band saw to using a sewing machine, seemed like a no-brainer,” said Sobel, adding, “We are hoping that some of our clients and colleagues will join us in this time of tremendous need.”

If you are interested in joining our Face Mask Task Force, either through the contribution of labor, materials or funds to purchase materials, please send an e-mail to Rachael Flanagan, Esq. at”