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Learn why not all personal injury cases go to trial nor do they have to. Smaller cases should get resolved rather easily. Larger cases require more work & sometimes you have to push harder to hold the insurance accountable. Sobel Legal is here to help!

Clients have a right to know how much there going to be charged. You pay no fees until we win for you! Ken Sobel discusses how legal fees are calculated for personal injury and medical malpractice. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

My spouse is affected by my personal injury, do they have the right to a claim too? If the husband and wife cant spend the quality time that they used too and the wife has to do some of the things the husband used too. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

If you can work, then do the best you can at work. We are not the type of law firm that tells what to do & how to do it. We want wants best for you and you need to do what’s best for your case as well as your life. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

You have two years after a medical malpractice injury to file suit. If the doctors have concealed your injuries, you have up to seven years. At Sobel Legal, we will consult with you on what your statute of limitations are. We are here to help.

Our philosophy is that from the moment you contact us, we start preparing for trial. It’s better to be prepared to we can maximize the settlement from your insurance company. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

The key to good photographs of your car accident is to take them 360 degrees around the vehicle and then step in closer and do it all over again. If you can see the seams of the vehicle, your doing good. Remember to take pictures of the tires as well. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

Another unfortunate part of being involved in a personal injury case is that some clients are unable to pay their bills or take care of their family so they look into getting a personal injury case loan. We can help you secure one if you are in need. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

Photographs posted on social media can actually hurt your case. Talking about the collision or injury could also hurt your case. Even if you post privately, your social media records can be subpoenaed. It’s best to keep your accident and photos off social media. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

A soft tissue injury is an injury to your muscle, tendon, or ligaments. Soft tissue injuries don’t usually heal very well. If it doesn’t heal within 12 weeks, you will probably be plagued by this injury for the rest of your life. At Sobel Legal, we represent car accident victims with all kinds of injuries. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

Generally, you have four years from the date of the motor vehicle accident to file a claim. The same statute of limitations goes for slip and falls. Medical Malpractice suits need to be filed within two years of knowing about the injury. Sobel Legal can evaluate your statute of limitations for you.

Sometimes when you file a lawsuit, it’s not uncommon for the other side to hire a private investigator to put you under surveillance to prove or disprove the validity of your case and injuries. At Sobel Legal, we represent car accident victims with all kinds of injuries. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

Uninsured motorist coverage is very important because a lot of people that drive around in Florida do not have insurance. Uninsured motorists coverage may cost a little more monthly but it worth it in the event you are in an accident and the other side does not have bodily injury coverage. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

If you just had a collision, your probably going to go to see a physician first. Make sure you bring a copy of your insurance card and a list of everything that has been bothering you even if you have symptoms that have gone away. Make sure you let them know about any previous injuries as well. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

Florida requires you to see a doctor within 14 days of a motor vehicle accident. If you are seen by a paramedic after the accident, that counts as an evaluation. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for you to really feel the injuries and if that’s the case you can always go to your regular physician as well as the emergency room. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

Sometimes we have clients that receive.a ticket after an accident even when they are not at fault. The first thing to do is to stay calm because we know how to handle this. Our primary focus is on your injuries sustained from the accident. Don’t worry about who got the ticket. We will help you sort that out. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

Clients frequently ask me if their rates are going to go up in the event of an accident. If you are not at fault, your rates will not go up. Sometimes the other insurance company will claim that you had some part in the fault but that specific percentage is what a jury will decide upon going to trial At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

If you or a family member were just involved in a collision, Sobel Legal has some tips. The first tip is to stay calm and get to a safe place. If the paramedics come, let them evaluate you. You need to be evaluated within 14 days in order to have you insurance pay for your medical bills. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

People don’t like lawyers and don’t like suing people. We feel bad for people that get into car accidents and we know how to deal with their insurance companies. If someone doesn’t have insurance, we won’t take the case unless you have uninsured motorists coverage. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

We want to talk to you about the time value of settlements. If you want the reasonable value of your case, you need an attorney to do the leg work for you because they have the experience to know what to ask for the injuries you have sustained. If it’s a simple enough case, you can settle on your own but it won’t be the full value of your case. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

Florida is a no-fault insurance state and that means your medical bills will be paid for no matter who is at fault. Even if you weren’t at fault, your insurance is still responsible for those bills. Some people prefer to have their wages paid when they can’t work if they didn’t incur a lot of medical expenses. We can discuss your options. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

We want to talk to you about speaking to the insurance company before an attorney, they may try to get you to say something you shouldn’t right after the collision. They are not your friend and cannot be trusted right after the collision. It’s best to speak to an attorney first. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

One of the most important tools we developed in assisting our clients with keeping track of their damages is a personal injury diary. This diary keeps track of medications, pain level, where you hurt, how it’s affecting your family and things you can no longer do. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

If your abuse occurred before you were 18, you have until the age of 25 to file a claim for sexual abuse. Sometimes it’s common for someone to suppress the abuse until their much older and in this case, they have four years after they’ve discovered the abuse to file a claim. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

What’s my case worth? In reality, we have to evaluate your injury and how much is it going to cost you in quality of life, work, medically, and financially. You can see how all of these things would vary from person to person and case to case. At Sobel Legal, we’re here to help!

We have been assisting the victims of personal injuries for over 30 years. We also teach attorneys how to practice law as well. Ken Sobel is a member of this community and wants nothing more than to help it grow and stay safe. When it comes to legal issues, we’re here to help!

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