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How Do I Know If I Have A Case?

There are three main “Must Haves” before Sobel Legal will accept your case:

  1. There must be an injury.  We hope that you did not get hurt and that if you did, that your personal injury is minor or temporary.  Realistically, from the perspective of deciding if you have a “good” case, the more severe, the more permanent your injury is, the more compensation you are entitled to.  Automobile cases require that your injury be permanent before you will be paid anything for your pain and suffering.  Doctors can disagree about what a permanent injury is; and often, cases go to trial over such disagreements.  There are many good doctors, but not all doctors know how to evaluate injuries in terms of whether they are permanent.  At Sobel Legal, we remain current in all of the medical diagnostic tests which can assist a physician in evaluating the severity of an injury and whether it is permanent.  When necessary, we arrange a conference with your physicians to make sure they understand the evidentiary requirements we face when we go trial so that they can assist you in not only getting better, but showing why you won’t.  Often, it is merely a function of discussing “how do we show this injury to lay people so that they can clearly understand the injury and its effects on your patient.”
  2. Your injury must be the result of Negligence.  Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care.  In an automobile case, the failure to follow the traffic laws can be evidence of Negligence.  In a medical malpractice case, we usually ask whether the physician missed a diagnosis which reasonable doctors would have made, whether medical interventions caused an unrelated injury which, if the procedure had been done properly and with care, the unrelated injury would not have occurred; and whether the treatment method selected by your physician was what most reasonable doctors would have done.

One Huge But . . .: If a defective product caused your personal injury, we do not need to prove that the manufacturer was negligent.  All we need to prove is that the product failed to perform the way a reasonable consumer would have expected and that the product had not been modified before the injury.  This is often called “Strict Liability;” and we do not need to prove a failure to use reasonable care.

  1. Your injury must have been Caused by the negligence.  Very often cases are defended by insurance companies by claiming that the negligent event did not cause the injury. Instead, they will argue that the injury pre-existed the event or that the injury occurred due to something that happened after the negligent act.  At Sobel Legal, our experience with medical malpractice cases has taught us that a solid medical understanding of an injury, anatomy and physiology, can be very useful when proving to a jury or an insurance adjuster, that it was the negligent act which caused the injury.

If a case has all three of the elements above, it qualifies for our representation and we look forward to discussing your case with you.  In that process, you will understand why we ask you the questions that we do, as we analyze each of those three elements and discuss them with you.  If you are unsure if you have these elements, do not hesitate to call us at 954-526-7007 or use our secure online form here, we are here to walk you through what all of this means.

Why Should I Hire Sobel Legal?


Sobel Legal was founded with the desire to bring a personalized, legal experience to those who are injured, offering our clients a “legal concierge” who can personally take our clients from the beginning of a claim, through the settlement process and if necessary, through the trial process.

We go to trial!  We don’t send our cases elsewhere if they need to be tried.  We are your attorneys from the beginning of your claim, through the end of the process.

We are not a legal mill.  When you call, we know who you are and want you to have a positive experience with us, even though your case is the result of a horrible, life-changing event.  It is personalized service and over thirty years of courtroom experience that help to set us apart.

If you need to, you will always be able to reach Mr. Sobel by calling his cell phone.  Frequently, Ken answers the call, but if he is attending to some other matter which makes it impossible to answer immediately, he will call you back as quickly as possible.  It is amazing how many clients terminate their first attorney because they never get a returned call.  Injury cases are highly personal and it is a personal relationship that we want you to have with us.

Don’t believe us?  Call Ken now at 954-249-1078 .  If he doesn’t answer, leave your name, number and a message and time how long it takes him to get back to you.  Don’t want to talk?  Send a text or fill out our Contact Form by clicking here.

Our clients usually call us shortly after they are injured and often they are immobile or very busy attending to their injuries, so our initial client interviews are typically done on the phone.   But we want to meet you.  We want to have a relationship with you and feel it is best to do that by having a face to face meeting when it is convenient.

For clients who are hospitalized or immobilized, we will make this process easier by coming to your home or hospital.  Our job is to serve you and make this as easy and comfortable as possible.  We will not send an investigator or a paralegal to our initial meeting with you.  Instead, you will meet with Mr. Sobel or Mr. Rothenberg at a mutually convenient time.  We will travel around the corner or to another continent to meet you.  Yes- that has happened several times.

What Will I Pay to Hire Sobel Legal?


All of our cases are handled on a “contingent fee & cost” basis, meaning that you do not pay unless we make a recovery for you.  Our fees for most negligence cases (except medical malpractice) are either one-third or forty percent of what we collect for you, plus any costs which we advance.  If you don’t make a recovery, you pay nothing!  Medical malpractice cases, because of their complexity and expense, are usually taken under a 40% contingent fee.  Read more about medical malpractice cases by clicking here.

About Those Costs . . .

We have a built-in desire to handle your case as cost efficiently as possible, but we still spend what we reasonably believe the case requires in order to make a recovery for your injuries.  First, we want you to get what you deserve and unfortunately, that costs money.  There are medical records that we have to pay for, consultations with your physicians which must happen if we are in litigation or if you have a complex injury.  If “who is at fault” is being contested, we have to hire experts.  Depositions require court reporters and trials require witness fees and graphic arts.  Trials are very expensive.  If we lose your case (it sometimes happens), we end up paying the costs and our client does not.  So, we spend only what we have to, but enough to have the impact needed to convince a skeptical jury.

Costs are in addition to our fee.  Our fee is paid for our education, training and experience.  It is how we are able to earn a living.  We do not mark-up our costs.  We simply pass the costs through for the amounts we are charged and they are not a profit center.

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