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Damages from Personal Injury

Types of damages you can receive in a lawsuit

There are four broad categories of damages which you and your spouse may be entitled to when you are injured. The following is a broad list, but each case is unique and your personal injury attorney must discuss with you the damages you have experienced.  The following is a basic outline of those damages:

Property Damages – The cost of repairing or replacing your car and the personal items that were damaged in your collision or caused by someone’s carelessness.   At Sobel Legal, we make sure that you fully understand your rights and guide you through this process.

Economic Damages – Lost Wages and Medical Bills incurred in the past and those you will experience in the future constitute a significant part of most personal injury claims.  Sobel Legal will immediately start to capture evidence in order to document those losses so that that they can be presented to an adjuster or, if settlement efforts fail, a jury.

Non-Economic Damages – If you are permanently injured or suffer significant scarring from your collision, Florida law entitles you to receive damages for pain, suffering, mental anguish and your lost ability to enjoy life, both in the past and the future. When your injuries are caused by negligence other than in a motor vehicle collision, the law does not require permanent injuries before you can recover non-economic damages. There is no exact way to measure these damages, but there are jury tested methods that Sobel Legal utilizes and each case gets evaluated on its own merits when determining a settlement demand or suggesting how much a jury should award.

Claims of Those You Married – Very often, our injured clients can no longer do the things they used to before their injury and this has a significant, detrimental effect on their spouses.  Your spouse now has to do the things you once did or has to hire someone to do it for you.  The simple pleasures of doing things you once did together, like going to the movies, out to dinner, shopping, exercising, or just sitting on the couch together and sharing intimate moments are things that you and your spouse have lost due to the negligence of the person who injured you.  A personal consultation with your attorney will assist in flushing out all of the damages your injury has caused.

During your initial and subsequent consultations, we will guide you through the process of obtaining a fair and reasonable resolution for the damages you and your family have suffered as a result of your injuries.  While no attorney can guarantee a successful outcome, Sobel Legal will give you the guidance you need to understand your rights and your case will be handled from the beginning as though it may one day, need to go to trial.

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