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When we seek medical treatment or diagnosis, our control over the situation is nonexistent because we are putting ourselves in the hands of a vast medical machine.  Sadly, this machine is made up of human behavior, both good and bad, and medical errors are a part of this.  Medical errors are estimated to cause up to 440,000 deaths per year in U.S. hospitals alone.  It is believed that this figure could be grossly inaccurate because countless mistakes go unreported.  As a result of many concerns in the healthcare system, there is a new movement afoot to provide a personal advocate who stays in the doctor’s office with the patient.  The advocate can be someone who represents the patient’s best interests in any medical situation. The person can be a well-meaning relative who helps an older patient understand what’s going on, or who steps in to do everyday tasks.

For now, though, patients will just have to do with acting as their own advocate.  You can do this by being in control of the situation by being informed about your illness, join a support group if needed, keep a journal, and resist the temptation to suffer in silence.  It’s important to remember that the major reason medical errors happen is lack of communication.  Communication with your doctor is key to receiving the best care possible for your health and peace of mind.  Following these steps will go a long way to achieving the goal of patient advocacy, which is to serve the patient’s best interests at all times.  Don’t pretend to know more than the people treating you and always remain polite and calm when discussing even the most uncomfortable topics.  No one is going to be a better advocate for yourself than you so why not be the best you can be.

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